Frequenty Asked Questions


How does the letter have a North Pole postmark? The letters are postmarked in North Pole, Alaska.

When will the letter arrive? Letters will arrive the middle of December

If I have more than one child, can I have different letters? Yes, the letters are different and personalized for each individual child in a household.

Do you have a baby's first Christmas letter? Yes! Please include baby's age on information form.

Do you accept Discover? Yes! We accept all major credit cards

Can I select my own paper? Choose from three types of paper.

Do I have to add a friend's name? No, that information is optional. It just makes the letter more personal. Feel free to add a grandma or grandpa if you have a younger child.

What is the deadline for a North Pole postmark? Midnight- December 5, 2011

What postmark will be on the envelope if after December 5? San Antonio , TX

What type of accomplishments are you looking for? Anything! Potty training, reading,Math, recital, eating peas!!!

Can you include anything else special in the letter? If there is a special circumstance in your child's life- please feel free to contact us to add something extra. Otherwise we need to ask that you stick with the information form.



Merry Christmas!



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